Global warming is a problem that concerns us all and which cannot be ignored anymore. That is why we hear more and more about environmental trends, movements and solutions which have been betting in large numbers in different areas and industries: seeking to raise awareness about responsible consumption and avoiding more pollution. Ana Maria Dessin is not left behind and we are one of the small brands fully committed to the environment, offering our customers products with innovative designs and at the same time contributing for the care for our planet, making use of sustainable materials that do not pollute our ecosystem. That is why we use canvas, a 100% ecological fabric made of 50% plastic bottles and 50% of fabric scraps (and as we already know, plastic is one of the most damaging wastes to the planet, especially plastic bottles, since they represent millions of tons of waste that is accumulated in every corner of the planet) So how is it possible to manufacture cloth from plastic bottle? It is very simple, after collecting the bottles, they are cleaned and classified by colours, then they are crushed and converted into thread which is used to produce the fabrics that in our brand are employ to manufacture our sneakers, amazing right? However our job does not end there, our shirts are also made of ecological fabrics created by bamboo and recycled cotton. Bamboo has recently become a popular alternative material for many products mainly because of it being Eco-friendly since it’s biodegradable, natural, strong and durable. The fabric used for our shirts is made using bamboo cellulose, its bleached without the use of chlorine nor harsh chemicals and implementing methods that require less water than conventional ones. We are looking forward to keep contributing more and more to our planet using new sustainable materials and of course to be at the forefront offering to our clients the best designs and products. What about you? Are you doing something for our environment?