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Combining prints is one of the most visible trends of the season, but there is a thin line between being the most chic or failing completely. That's why we want to share with you some tips that can be very useful when mixing patterns in garments and accessories.

1. Give prominence to the accessories: if you are going to carry a bag or some patterned shoes, we recommend that the rest of the look go in flat colors. But how to choose the colors that go well with the print of your leather goods? If you want to go to the fixed, you can opt for neutral colors such as denim blue, black, white, gray or beige. But if you really want to risk it, you can use colors from the same range of print.

For example, if your accessories are from the PALMS collection of ANA MARIA DESSIN, colors like pink, military green or red wine will be perfect.


2. Patterns to mix: in short there are prints that are so basic, that you can mix with others a little more striking. For example, stripes, polka dots and squares in neutral colors such as black and white, are very easy prints to combine with flowers of strong colors, or small pastel prints.


3. Attention to the position of the prints: always look for solid colors that create a visual division between the prints. For example, if you are going to carry a handbag or clutch with figures or shapes, try to make the pants flat, since this accessory will be very close to the lower part of your body. If on the other hand, you wear a small backpack, it will be closer to the shirt, so it can have a flat color. It's all about playing and rehearsing with fashion!


Remember that in ANA MARIA DESSIN you can find bags of different shapes, leather goods and accessories that will make your outfits more fun and out of the routine. We would love you to tell us which is the collection that you like the most and with which you identify the most.

Finally, fashion is to take risks, but above all to feel good about yourself. The best garment is and will always be your safety.


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